Don’t Get Too Excited

I had a massage this past weekend from someone who scares me a little bit, but does some of the best work I have ever received. I’m going to miss her terribly when we move to Michigan.

See how I slipped that in there?


Grand Rapids, to be explicit. That part of Michigan is fairly conservative, so perhaps explicit is a funny word choice. Or, perhaps not, since, as one friend says:

The alternative and underground scene in Grand Rapids is thriving and vibrant in the way that only the desperation of Midwestern youth can fuel. It’s got great scenes in music, art and theater…

And from those scenes come the funky folks that will build our new community.

But, oh! To leave the community we have now is the deepest change-for-a-happy-reason-sadness I’ve known. I won’t dwell on it here. I’m prone to superlatives, and fear I’d exhaust us all with the longest list of the saddest feelings in the world. I’m also prone to hyperbole, which is the highest form of artistic expression in the universe.

Despite my best efforts, I have found myself feeling at home in DC. I love it here. I love mentally waving to the Washington Monument on my train ride commute. I love the green space. I love the woman at the post office who yells, “Hi, baby! How you doin’?” when I walk in. I love that it takes me 10-15 minutes to take out the trash because I run into beloved neighbors whenever I leave my front door. This has been true in all 4 of my neighborhoods here.

All this love. Why leave?

The Midwest is home. Sure, I’ve picked up some annoying habits after my 8-year sojourn in the Mid-Atlantic. Like valuing in others the ability to network efficiently, and their handshakefullness. But my dad laughs really hard at my jokes, and this move puts us within hours of him. My comedy is best delivered in person.And my mom can’t wait for us to see “Declan’s room.” Don’t worry, “my” room is still in tact. (Those are verging on unnecessary quotes, but it could be worse.) Patrick’s family is just across Lake Michigan, so we can swim over to them on weekends.

Oh. Also. Patrick got a really amazing job. It’s been a privilege to watch him make this happen. More on that in a forthcoming post.

We’re still coming up with Plans A through C, with a back-up of D, E, and F. But whatever the plan, we’ll move from DC in the next 4-7 weeks. Hold on to your pants, people!

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8 Responses to Don’t Get Too Excited

  1. kitty says:


  2. says:


  3. Liz says:

    Holy cow!!! Congratulations to Patrick! I’ve spent a lot of time in MI, but not in Grand Rapids, so I have no idea what it’s like. At any rate, I guarantee you that they’re practically giving the houses away, relative to D.C.’s housing costs. Max and I are headed to the Midwest tomorrow morning, so I’d better go do laundry, mow the lawn, and start packing.

  4. Christa says:

    Whhheeeee! I am excited for you, Alana. Well, not *too* excited…cuz I am really going to miss your straight talkin’ here at work! It’ll be fun to watch your adventures from your 1996 blog. Will you be adding podcasts too? Ha-just kidding. Though I know you know how. 🙂

  5. anastasia says:

    Congrats, punkin’. It’s a big thing, to do what you’re doing. But now you’ll have places/people you can visit in DC with the kiddo, and also, a good house where he can ride his bike with all the other wee hoodlums around the cul de sac. Wishing you wonderful transitions!

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