Case of the Mondays

Monday One was the Swedelock’s first day at his new job. I’m not sure I got a chance to ask him how it went. Monday One was also the day the moving company was to drop off a batch of our things at the hotel. It was also the day my new cell phone went dead for 3 hours. I subsequently learned only one of the 3 phones in our hotel room works – and only on speaker (totally fun with a toddler). I met a Great Dane and a couple of women I’d drink wine with. I viewed a duplex I thought might be “the one” (it wasn’t). Somewhere in there was a kid-sized firetruck at the library, where I was reminded how much I miss our nanny and her family.

Monday Two I have little idea what happened. I sent no personal e-mails, and only made one phone call: to a nanny service. I thought, “Didn’t I start a blog post regarding last Monday’s shenanigans?”

Monday Three I was on the third day of a thrilling and exhausting conference in San Francisco. I spoke with The Swedelock for 12 minutes during the five and a half days of my trip. My parents came to delight in their grandchild while I was away, and I slept well knowing they were around to care for the kid while TS was at work.

Now I don’t know what day it is. But Monday Four will be when our moving company delivers our stuff to our new home. We found a duplex in Heritage Hill. Patrick can walk the mile to work. We can walk to a bunch of groovy local businesses. Our landlord is fiercely in love with his property and his neighborhood. He also lives next door. I’ll be sad to leave the hotel because then no one will clean our toilet. But after 4 Mondays…it’ll be good to be home.

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3 Responses to Case of the Mondays

  1. Kitty says:

    Sounds pretty nice! I still haven’t really accepted that you are gone, but I’m happy for you guys about Patrick’s commute and the amenities nearby! Sounds like you are living the dream 🙂

  2. alanajoyski says:

    Aw. Thanks, Kitty. The gone-ness is just starting to set in. So I keep waiting to drive over to your place for homemade goodness and ease of togetherness. I miss your faces.

  3. Kitty says:

    Can’t wait to see you 🙂

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