Where’d It Go?

In the past two months I have temporarily misplaced each of the following items:

  • my iPad
  • keys, both mine and Patrick’s
  • a child’s jacket
  • the cheese grater
  • a receipt I need to submit for medical expenses
  • my wallet, three times
  • my pants

I’m sure there are more examples, but these are the ones that I found most infuriating to lose at the time. Fury. Flames shooting out of my eyes. I do not lose things, you see.

My husband, on the other hand, is finding things he didn’t even remember he had. To wit:

  • a wall-mounted bottle opener
  • a blue hand-thrown vase
  • a crystal vase
  • a steak knife set in its own block
  • pair of sweatpants (Don’t tell him, though. He didn’t actually find them. I did. And they went to Goodwill.)

Now if only he’d lost that unused hacky sack that albatrossed its way into our marriage. Methinks he thinks the same thing about my unused massage table.

Our stuff is relatively pared down. We try to live by the rule that things must be either useful or incredibly loved in order to stay in our home. Yet still I have enough stuff to hide my other stuff sometimes. Confounding! I’ve moved 15 times in the last 17 years. You’d think all I’d own is a sleeping bag and a suitcase full of clothes. And a toothbrush. I have good teeth.

What will happen if we ever buy a house? And what if … that house has a basement? We could both lose and forget about things for years at a time!

Curious: How do you keep track of your stuff? And how do you remain the boss of it, rather than having it the other way ’round?

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Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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2 Responses to Where’d It Go?

  1. ron pennington says:

    ya gotta always put your stuff in the same place every time. everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Ron! Good hearing from you. And so TRUE. This is my tactic under normal circumstances. But maybe I need a kindergarten teacher to come find where the place IS for everything. So much shifting. Daily. 😉

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