Somehow I missed publishing this post. It’s a month old, but thought you’d enjoy anyway…

My kid learned to say “decorations” in October. Now it’s his favorite thing to declare all over the place. He shouts it from his car seat. He greets the tree at the library. He even bids “Good night, deck-a-way-shuns,” to our single lit strand of garland on his way up to bed. I’m not sure how he’s going to handle the un-decorated life that will be his come January. Gotta start handling disappointment sooner or later, huh?

Having a verbal kid is pretty fun, I must say. It helps us see his sense of humor. Where other parents worry about their infant’s survival or development (“Is he breathing? Is that spot on his belly normal? Should his arm bend like that?”), I was concerned that my kid was born too serious. This was one of the most common observations people would make about the toddler when he was a wee babe. He was not into smiling. He was not into greeting you. He just stared at you, skeptical of whatever goo-goo noises you were making at him. In his defense, your goo-goo noises were pretty dumb.

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1 Response to Deck-a-way-shuns

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh, I saw that kid was a cool the one and only time I met him. Of course he a sense of humor! How could he not?

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