The Plague

The toddler and I are recovering from the plague. I got it first. And since he insists on licking my face, it was hard to keep the kiddo from getting it. Tuesday we sat on the couch while he cried spontaneously now and again. Streaming Sesame Street (read: Elmo) on our ginormous television was helpful. All. Day.

No wonder we got sick. It’s hard to stay upbeat with all the swirling around our lives. My cousin-in-law’s beloved granny passed away. Two sets of friends had to let go of amazing dogs. My great aunt found a benign (whew) tumor, and is undergoing preventative radiation (power to her rocking 92-year-old self for opting for this path). Somewhere in the mix is liver cancer, a divorce, a miscarriage, and a case of norovirus. Plus, my friends sponsored a guide dog, but learned the pup was “retired” to an adoptive family. This is a nice way of saying the puppy flunked after two years of training.

Think a flunked puppy is enough?

Tuesday my friend’s three year old was in an accident that has him in a full body cast for the next six weeks. He is by all reports, a champ. He is also, however, in serious pain from broken bones, messed up jaw, fractures, oh boy. Plus, soon enough he’s going to go bonkers from being in a full body cast. Here’s the accident part of the story: My friend was in the process of unloading groceries when the car rolled over her son. Don’t think about it too much, or you’ll be beside yourself like I’ve been for the past couple days. I just had to tell someone, ‘cuz it’s terrible, but it’s what’s going on.

Here is my wish for all of the aforementioned people above, and for any of us going through dark days: Heal.

I have a friend who used to talk about “healing” a lot. Weekend retreats were “healing.” Massages were “healing.” Intense dreams involving spirit animals and former lovers were “healing.” I used to wonder what we were supposed to be healing from.

Dum-dum: Life.

The Swedelock and I are both incredibly lucky in life. We’re really positive. Okay, he is really positive. I like sarcasm and reality a little more than he does. I’m positive-ish, eventually. But, man, even with our good fortune, there are still ups and downs. And lots of healing in between. Hopefully.

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3 Responses to The Plague

  1. Don says:

    Wow!! I felt bad enough that you and Declan were sick, but this avalanche of bad news is so overwhelming. I will keep all in my thoughts and prayers, especially the little one. OH MY GOODNESS!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my. Feel better, everyone.

  3. Kitty says:

    Alana, hearing this was just horrifying. Sending healing wishes to all, though that feels rather impotent. Hope everyone is doing better. Frankly, the flunked puppy sounds like good news in comparison. Some lucky family got a sweet dog, who’s probably better trained than most pets. I hope the baby in the cast is doing okay. Trying not to think about the accident.

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