Superb Owl

Don’t get all mad, but I’ve been at my parents’ place for a little over a week. I have a long list of beloved friends in the area, and I’m just not making the rounds. Next time, though, I promise.

The weekend we arrived was the toddler’s delayed birthday celebration, starring BOTH sets of grandparents all piled into one house. We were so busy having fun, though, that the birthday boy fell asleep before we could eat the cake we all made. Correction: We ate the cake we all made without him. We also ended up opening birthday presents via Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Swedelock (technically Grandma Swede and Grandpa Polack) after they drove home. Maybe by the time the kid’s three we’ll have it figured out.

owl cake

Highly researched nut-free group-made homemade birthday cake

The weekend made me grateful for both sets of crazy grandparents. I wish we could all pile together in one house more often. No. I’m serious. QUIT LAUGHING! I’M SERIOUS. In fact, if one parent comes to live with us, the New Rule is that ALL parents come live with us. It’s the only thing that will result in Superb Owl cakes.

Maybe I had too much bourbon at lunch. Mardi Gras is dangerous.

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5 Responses to Superb Owl

  1. P says:

    That cake was awesome! And we still need to take that Charlie & the Chocolate factory grandparents- in-the-same-bed picture.

  2. Kitty says:

    just got the Super Bowl reference… little slow…

    • alanajoyski says:

      It’s a total accident. I stole a meme that the Swedelock made me aware of. People posting owls all over the place. I didn’t even know the game was happening. I still don’t know what the owls have to do with anything. But the cake was tasty!

  3. Catherine says:

    Darn nice solution to the owl problem. But … be careful about that fancy cake track. You will always be expected to one-up it. I know some people with that problem around Halloween with respect to costume.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Apparently you do not recall my awesome Halloween costumes! 🙂 And you’re right…but I enjoy the challenge. And can always outsource much of the work, as I did this year.

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