Not everyone would be as excited as the Swedelock and I about the upcoming weekend. Both sets of parents are coming! Both sets of parents are coming!

They’ll have hammers, work gloves, brandy, and gummy bears. There will be singing. There will also be opinions. And a friend stopping by with some casseroles for our new-to-us freezer. And just a few trips to the hardware store.

We don’t get into the house until Friday, which means we still get to be in the dreamy phase. I’ve been plastering paint chips around our apartment for weeks. I’ve used up amazing amounts of hours contemplating color. I get lost in schemes and lighting and oh, my! To put this in perspective: I have spent more time in the last two months planning our new house’s colors than I spent on everything related to our wedding.

paint chip photo

Walls, ceilings, trims…we are coming for you.

The toddler has taken to giving his opinions as well. But for some reason, he proclaims, “The purple is purple on the wall!” He’s voting for a purple, but we’re having a hard time making that happen. He was also disappointed to learn that “paint chips” were not a new flavor of Lay’s.

Our focus this weekend won’t be paint colors, however. We’ll be liberating wood floors from underneath carpet and pergo. And the big job? Tile floor demolition. Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Incoming

  1. Kitty says:

    Woo!! I’m just having floors refinished in a couple of rooms and I’m excited. I can only imagine the excitement of refurbishing a whole new house! Fun!!

  2. alanajoyski says:

    Oh, wow! Take photos of before and after and send them to me to drool over! Which rooms? I think of your house so much as we prepare to make our little place ours.

  3. Kristine says:

    The paint chips already have me seizing …! You can’t decide on colour until you are actually in the new house! All I can say is…that red hall has to go!!!!!

    • alanajoyski says:

      Ha! Don’t worry! No decisions made on color. Just getting conversations started. 🙂 Also…I’m gonna frame a pic of the red hallway and give it to you for Christmas.

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