Got Wood?

Our new house is a 1950s ranch. Previous owners put thought into the look and feel. It’s not our style, but we appreciate the work. Truly. That said, we have one major-holy-cow-no-way-must-change before we move in: the floors.

Flooring is an aesthetic preference. I’m willing to concede that your floors work for you. But this house you guys? It’s a ranch. You can stand in one spot and see into nearly all the rooms at once. Must. Unify. The space.

Here are two shots from the living area toward the bedrooms.

living-room-to-beds Floor-floor-floor

Got that?

  • carpeted living space
  • parquet in the entry and hallway
  • tiled kitchen
  • carpeted bedrooms

That’s a lot of bullet points for one view point.

During our pre-sale inspection, we peeked under a loose carpet corner, and checked out the closets. We knew there was hardwood. But we had no idea what it looked like under there. Last year, local friends took up existing flooring to reveal…a giant hole had been cut in the wood in the 1970s. You PEOPLE and your SHAG CARPET CONVERSATION PITS!

This weekend was the big reveal. Both sets of parents drove in for Operation Tear It Up. Do you know what?


living wood

We revealed pure gold. I should be clear. They revealed pure gold, the parents and the Swedelock. I kept the Toddler away from the fray. With the exception of one strip that’s stained, the living room wood has never seen the light of day. Liberate all the floors!

Check out this video of the fathers versus the floor. That parquet injured all the menfolk. And they hateliked it. They just wrapped their wounds in paper towels and painter’s tape, and kept right on smashing.

The mothers would like to send a special shout-out to the people who installed the latest round of carpet in the master bedroom like angry meth addicts. Did they think they were getting paid more if they used more and bigger nails? One can only wonder.

So, we got wood.

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5 Responses to Got Wood?

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay!! That is awesome! They are gorgeous! As my floor guy here would say ” the wood WANTS to come out”

  2. Kitty says:

    Woo hooo!!! Glad the destruction revealed good news.

    It’s funny, I’m a longtime hardwood floors fan, but lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have carpet. With a toddler, floors should be comfy.

  3. pia says:

    Amazing. I am so happy for you and jealous at the same time. Tearing up carpet (2 different times now) in our 1992 house has revealed, as you would expect…sub floor.

  4. Mom says:

    The moms and dads had a back breaking good time. We had plenty Aleve.

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