Movin Right Along

The Father continues an upward trajectory. This afternoon he’s moving from one hospital to the rehab floor of another. Everything seems to be progressing as it should. Sure, we would all rather be speeding around the track together. But we will take the daily trips up and down the hospital hallway as a victory.

The Toddler has made a couple cameo appearances. He comes home and talks about the beeping. There is virtually no beeping in Gramps’ room. But still with the beeping of the hospital. Someone please show me a study that connects beeping with healing and I’ll shut up about it already. In other sound news: The Toddler interrupted Gramps’ nap yesterday, and now thinks snoring is the greatest thing since elevator dings.

We continue to feel overwhelmingly grateful for all the cards, messages, and comments here and elsewhere. My parents friends are feeding us, making sure The Toddler is sat, sitting with us, and now even visiting The Father. Last week, family friends took me out to dinner, and provided me with what might be the greatest beer I’ll ever enjoy.

Keep sending all those good thoughts and prayers, and I promise we’ll keep movin’ right along.

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