Spoiled Technobrat

You’d think I was an old lady when it comes to things like hand-written thank you notes. I also complain endlessly about things not being built like they used to be. And I walked to school in the snow. But. I may as well be a Millenial when it comes to certain aspects of technology. I was nearly the last person in my demographic to get a smart phone. But now I’m incredulous that anyone turns on a computer. I believe in the power of free, fast wireless Internet. In my pocket. Everywhere. Always. Amen.

This is why I can not shut up about the lack of Internet on The Father’s rehab floor. Okay, there’s Internet. But you can’t watch video on it. So I’m not sure what good it is. I was going to leave with The Father my beloved iPad so he could fill his non-therapy hours with slapstick, or documentaries, or documentaries about slapstick. Or something serious and boring interesting to him.

We aren’t sure how long The Father will be in slow Internet rehab. Perhaps you have a DVD to lend or pass on to him? My mom would be happy to deliver them. (Right, Mom?) Just make sure you label disks clearly if you’d like them returned to you.

P.S.If you’re a philanthropist, consider supporting the IT infrastructure of organizations you love. Because Netflix and cat antics videos heal, y’all.

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2 Responses to Spoiled Technobrat

  1. Kathy K says:

    Thank you for the updates. Could you explain what the rehab is for. I am not clear on exactly what happened.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Right. Well. After being 8 days in critical care, and a few in recovery, he needs help building back his strength. To do everything. Walk, stand for long periods, sit for long periods. The bacterial infection he got (from wherever–someone coughed near him) led to pneumonia. That led to sepsis. Often that leads to death. He was sedated on a breathing tube for the worst of it. That’s when the doctors give you the serious face. Fortunately the antibiotics and my father’s kick-ass-ness triumphed. He will make a full recovery.

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