The C Word

I’m sure I’m the millionth blogger to title a blog post like that. But sometimes I can’t be as original as I pretend to be in my mirror.

When I got the missed call and follow-up text from my mom a few Saturdays ago (“I NEED TO TALK TO YOU”), I thought I knew what it was about. I didn’t want to call her back, because I wanted everything to be okay for a few more minutes. A dear family friend, my Auntie G, had gone into the hospital that day for emergency brain surgery. You know it’s no good when an MRI makes the doctor say: “Let’ s cut your brain open tomorrow.” But because we are ethnically German Serbs, we are orderly in our responses to things. I beckoned my husband back from his errand to toddler-watch, and I called my mom.

It wasn’t my aunt, but my dad. While he was circling the drain in one hospital, Auntie was across town in another. Her story involves surgery, a transfer to a Chicago hospital that was not worth anyone’s time, and lots of questions and decisions. The eventual diagnosis was Hemangiopericytoma, a super-rare cancer. Leave it to her to get some special cancer.

Today she undergoes surgery again, to see  if they can remove more of the tumor. The surgeon is, I’m told, “young and cute,” and he studies this type of cancer. Auntie G feels she’s in great hands, and she is determined to be awesome today. She’s pretty dang awesome every day. I know you’ve already been sending lots of wishes for The Father. And he’s home, making his daily omelette du fromage. So if you’ve got more prayers and positivity in you, please send ’em out today to Auntie and her family.

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8 Responses to The C Word

  1. Kitty says:

    I was hoping it was “cunt.”

    Best wishes for your auntie. And for you too, Alana, this is more than anyone should have to bear.

  2. My thoughts are with you all.

  3. Alayna says:

    Lots of prayers and good thoughts. Glad your father is back at his post and hoping surgery goes well. Awesomeness is well, awesome.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Mucho thanks. She had a Successful surgery. Now the only challenge is the crazy brought on by the steroids. Her phone has been taken away. Which is likely something someone will do to me some day.

  4. Lizzy G says:

    Steroid suck. But sometimes they need to be taken. This from someone whose dermatologist has been wanting to put her on them because none of the topical treatments are really doing it for the very itchy, painful psoriasis I’ve had on my scalp for three years or the less painful, less itchy but nevertheless still itchy and painful eczema I’ve had on my face for four years. Still, I resist because I took them once (when my lips swelled to cartoonish proportions after nibbling flesh off of mango skin—-who knew it contains the same chemical as poison Ivy?), and they gave me a migraine that lasted a week, insomnia, and a general feeling of insanity. But if I had a brain tumor, I’d probably give in and take them.

    So glad to hear that your dad is better. Crossing my fingers for everyone’s recovery!

    • Lizzy G says:

      That was supposed to read “steroids suck.” Ooops.

      • alanajoyski says:

        Ha. Didn’t even register the missing “s.” I think her daughter said it best: I feel like I have a third three year old on my hands. (she has twin 3 year old boys and a 1 year old.) Here’s hoping your ‘roids don’t turn YOU into a threenager.

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