Kitchen Smash

Previous owners put a bit of work into our 1950s ranch.

For example, someone created an open kitchen and dining area. This work included (together or separately – who knows?) a custom cabinet build, and putting in some nice, big windows.

Kitchen before photo

We appreciate this kitchen. We’ve seen that tiny 1950s kitchen and that dark, closed-off dining room. Yes. You can still cook and eat in them. But we are depressed by them. We spend a LOT of time cooking and eating. You can imagine how lucky we felt to find this more modern arrangement.

Look at all that space for food-ness and togetherness! Glorious!

Still. We knew we were going to make some changes.

The extremely exciting Parents’ Weekend 2013 included smashing up kitchen floor tile.

Tile smashed

Goodbye, pretty floor tile.

The floor was great quality, and beautifully installed. It wasn’t exactly our style, but it worked. And you know how house projects go. As long as we were liberating the wood floors in the rest of the house, we wanted to install wood to match in the kitchen.


The plan was just the floors. But if you’ve met The Father, you’ll understand that sometimes he just likes to do things. Rouge. The Swedelock and I arrived on Saturday morning to this heroic effort:

Backsplash bye

Goodbye, backsplash.

To be fair: the plan was to replace the backsplash. My dad and I had gone on a tile hunt a couple weeks prior. We had even found The One True Tile. We just didn’t imagine working on the backsplash at this particular time. But who can stop the progress of The Father? After one weekend, our kitchen was left tile-less and dusty, and we were happy.

The conclusion of the kitchen smash is a familiar one. A contractor was called in to get the final-final smash done. The floor tiles had been glued to plywood. The plywood was screwed and glued to the sub-floor. Each plywood square had exactly one million screws in it. The glue used was originally developed by NASA to hold rocket ships together. Thank goodness for our scrappy contractor friend-of-a-friend.

Curse you, well-installed flooring!

Curse you, well-installed flooring!

The totally embarrassing (I’m totally lying) part about the whole kitchen smash? My contribution was browsing the Internet for inspiration, reading books about sustainable homes, and taking 5 bags of trash out. Someone had to do it.

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