What I Really Need Is Some Glue

A friend recently told a story on Facebook.

Not so long ago I emailed my office asking is anyone had some glue. I specified that I needed actual glue, NOT a glue stick. A short time later a coworker came to my office to offer me some tape. This is the story of my life in a nutshell.

Not only is my friend hilarious, she is not kidding. It’s funny cuz it’s true! Why do we try to offer things to others that they do not want? Why is it difficult for us to hear what people are asking of us?

These questions are on my mind lately. I have varying degrees of success with the strangers now responsible for the care and improvement of our new house. And I am not playing when it comes to our home. The Toddler is our only biological kid, and we treat our home as our second child. It’s more like we have adopted a grandparent, though, and we are giving her a replacement hip, cataract surgery, and a new wardrobe.

Maybe before I enter into an agreement with any contractor or company, I should have them read my friend’s story. I’ll ask them, “What does this mean to you? What is the woman in this story asking for? What does the tape signify?”

Cuz what she really needs is some glue. On the date and time you previously agreed upon. The kind of glue that would make her mom proud.

About alanajoyski

Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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4 Responses to What I Really Need Is Some Glue

  1. Fran/Gail says:

    Learn to roll with it, kiddo. Roll with it.

  2. Donald D Fletcher says:

    The library paste is in the mail my darling…it’s quite a large jar, but nearly so large as it is old! Oh, and by the way I need it back!

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