Car Accident

Not to be an attention hog with the crazy, but my in-laws had a car accident a few nights ago. My father-in-law and brother-in-law were banged and bruised, but okay. My mother-in-law is okay, but pretty busted. Ribs, clavicle, lacerated spleen, punctured lung. She’s looking good, and out of ICU. Her lung hole seems to be healing itself (just like our old dog’s lungs did…but that’s not genetics, right?).

This post was originally supposed to be about the fun weekend visit we just spent together. There were homemade cookies and a chainsaw. Now this post is about what a tough broad my MIL is, and how she’ll be baking more cookies soon. But gingerly, for sure.

Thank goodness I get a new nephew this year (Next month!). Other than that, 2013 can go fly a kite.

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2 Responses to Car Accident

  1. Fran/Gail says:

    Oh crap…what a crummy way to go into the holidays. I guess the only good part of it is the IL will get to be waited on and won’t be expected to have to do anything spectacular while they recuperate. A poor trade-off for sure.
    Our best to you all.

  2. Kate says:

    A lot of recoveries to be thankful for at Thanksgiving, but–yes–maybe 2014 bring all things joyful!

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