Merry Season

Yes, most of you celebrate Christmas. Yes, I celebrate Christmas. But I’m more symbolic about my “non-denominational wintertime activities,” as a childhood friend would say. And I said, “Merry”; we all know what I mean. Nobody says, “Merry Hanukkah,” or, “Merry Solstice.” And why am I even talking about this!? [Pounds head on keyboard.]

All these words to send love and a little peace to your home from ours.


This is a super-great thing a friend made for us. One of those four chimney caps blew down right around the time this drawing was made. That is not reflected in the drawing. Nor was the cap’s fatal leap caused by actual stars shooting out our chimney. It was caused by our house’s mistrust of us. It really doesn’t understand that we are here to help.

Now excuse me while I go call the electrician and the plumber.

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5 Responses to Merry Season

  1. Kitty says:

    Do they say Merry Kwanzaa?
    I’m with you. I celebrate “non-denominational wintertime activities” in the guise of Christmas. But I still kind of prefer “Happy Holidays” to “Merry Christmas,” because it’s more than Christmas, it’s the whole holiday season, and don’t forget New Year’s celebrations!

  2. Mom says:

    How about Merry “Joy?”

  3. Hey Alana! I am FINALLY getting around to responding (albeit not in kind) to one of your cute holiday cards. They always sit on my desk at home for about four months, with me thinking “MUST WRITE BACK MUST WRITE BACK” and not doing it, but this time, you made it easy! Thanks so much for staying in touch, and I’m looking forward to following all your new adventures from the comfort of my very own desk chair. Lots of love, Donna (she who owns the day spa)

    • alanajoyski says:

      Yay! This is exactly why I started writing a blog! Cuz I want to write everyone all the time all day long, on paper I make myself, with ink pens blessed by monks on a mountain top. But that doesn’t happen. Glad to hear from ya. 🙂

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