The Swedelock and I were married on December 23rd. We got engaged late one summer, then joked we should get married at Christmastime. We already had plans to join most of my small family at my parents’ home. His siblings and parents would be close enough to drive in for a day. Ha ha! Wouldn’t that be funny?

And then it was like: Wait. We could actually do that. We could all sit around drinking eggnog. Then step into the living room. Have a ceremony. Then go back to the eggnog. It sounded like the least complicated production my family would ever put on. With no sets or special lighting or anything.

I can tell the story of the day itself some other time. (Short version: Snow. Small gathering. So nervous I almost puked.) Today, I’m here to be excited about our fifth anniversary.

This special-versary was all my brilliant husband’s idea. We’re getting a hotel room for two nights. Without. The. Toddler. We have no plans other than to eat all the good food we can shove into our faces. This does not include roasted chestnuts. Roasted. Chestnuts. Suck.

The past year-and-a-half of transition has been transitionny. Life leaves us mostly hammering out to-do lists, and not doing much…being. Before the decision to switch jobs, and move 700 miles (then 7 miles, then 4 miles), there was the whole HAVING A KID thing. I used to be better at marking things, bringing ritual and tradition into my life. Or at least I was better at being. Somewhere along the way, the lists took on their own meaning. And I got too tired and lazy to bring real meaning to the page.

Here’s to marking our fifth anniversary. With togetherness, alone. With food, alone. May it bring me away from my lists, and into my life.

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6 Responses to Anniversary

  1. That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. Congratulations! Happy anniversary!

    Fred and I have our 30th anniversary the day after Christmas. We went with the “right around Christmas” wedding idea for the same reason you did – no fuss, people would already be around, etc. Unfortunately, for us, celebrating means me working at the spa (covering, as always, for employees who want to be with family). But at least we’ll have the evening off to stuff food into our faces too.

  2. Sarah Tracy says:

    Happy anniversary! Was thinking of you guys a lot the past few days. Maybe THAT’S why I had that crazy dream.

    Five years, huh?

  3. Mari says:

    Have a great anniversary! Enjoy each other and all the food…Merry Christmas!

  4. Gail/Fran and Lloyd says:

    Can’t seem to stay awake long enough —as in 12:01am, Dec. 23rd—to officially wish you two lovelies the very happiest of anniversaries…the 5th to be exact. Stay happy, lists or no lists. Love ya both. The Toddler, too!

  5. Kitty says:

    Oh wow. Yes. The difference between being and doing. I don’t really know how (or what) to be, so I think of things to do. You make an insightful connection to ritual and tradition.

    Happy anniversary! Brilliant plan, husband.

  6. pennington says:

    Merry Christmas and happy anniversary

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