100 Uses For Mint

Last week I went to my favorite Asian market for some ginger. Of course, I walked out with many unplanned treasures, including a bunch of mint.

Why mint?

Because ten plus feet of snow and February. We’ve gotta try something to keep us going.

I used the herb in a pea soup from an old Mollie Katzen recipe. But, like Michigan’s soul-crushing snow, plenty remained.

What to do with a lot of mint? The Swedelock and I set out on a challenge. We decided to find 100 uses for mint.

That’s not true. First, he made an amazing cocktail using the mint. I drank a glass. Then I declared we needed to find 100 uses for mint. Technically, it was already down to 98 uses, since we ate that pea soup and downed some hooch!

Now that I’ve slept on it, I really think 50 uses is more realistic. I reserve the right to change this to 25 uses, ‘cuz how much do you really want to read about mint?

We may be drowning in snow today, but come spring, our yard will be a sea of mint.

Patio with mint

Wall of mint on our patio, planted by previous owners

For those of you herbally challenged, in the above photo, that green wall of leaves on the right side of the photo is all mint. Below, it’s theleft-hand wall.

mint photo

More mint, trying to take over our yard

We’ll discuss the minty cocktail soon. I want to encourage you to check out that pea soup recipe. It’s simple, cheap, and you can throw all sorts of fresh herbs into it. Fresh herbs are at a premium here in the Midwest. But they’re a great winter boost.

As with any Mollie Katzen recipe, I find myself throwing in more spices and such. If this recipe had garlic in it, I’d double whatever she told me to put in. Here’s the link again for Cream of Green Pea Soup.

Food photography ain’t my thing. Hopefully this soup will inspire you to feel almost springy anyway. In the summer, we’ll eat it cold.

pea soup

Pow! Green!

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7 Responses to 100 Uses For Mint

  1. Catherine says:

    Not feeling anything spring, but the soup looks awesome, gives a bit of hope that green is in fact a color. Mint is like chili. You can put it in anything.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Come across the lake for a good mint-off!!

      • Catherine says:

        I’d pull out my canoe, but the good old lake is still a bit frozen. I bet if I were a hard-core biker, I could get across Michigan on my bike I think that I could find a way to use mint, chili and maybe some tequila, definitely not agave, but quite possibly lime in a mint-off. These ingredients would be both food and beverage related and accompanied by rice, beans and avocado most likely.

  2. cbinar says:

    Hi Alana…looked up some uses of mint for you. Ha ha! You might as well read and stay warm…better than shoveling snow!

    Aunt Carol

  3. Sarah T says:

    Guuuurl, yer funny. My namesdana. And guuurl you ARE funnnee! You can also brew a big ole pot-a-tea with the mint. Add honey, stick in fridge. Don’t use agave. That sh%ts naaaszte. Not glamorous, but uses some mint, and cools down a hot throat like swallowing toothpaste.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Bwaaaah. That “my name is Dana” bit seriously saved me. I should write a love letter to Margeret Cho for saving my life in a book store in DuPont Circle years ago. I won’t tell your sister you said not to use agave. 😉

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