Break From Vices

All kinds of half-started blog posts are tumbling through my life. Some posts are in draft form–like the love affair I have with my online moms group. Some posts are just chattering in my brain–like the unexpected Part Two of my foiled Friday night plans. I will admit that part of what gets in the way of publishing more on the Internet is…

the Internet.

I admit I have a bit of a problem with social media. Namely Facebook. But I’m so funny there, you guys! And insightful! And look at these cookies I baked! And look at that photo of your new puppy. I MUST TELL YOU HOW CUTE YOUR PUPPY IS.

This month and next, I’m taking a break from my Facebook vice. Not completely. Let’s not get crazy. But I’m deleting the app from my devices, which will cut down on 90% of my social media-ing. That means, like many people today, I am observing Fat Tuesday.


I’m a big fan of fasts, and breaks, and retreats, and “quit it, already”s. I like tweaking my habits just to see what happens. Good things always happen. Not necessarily profound or life-changing things. Just…good.

When I lived in Hungary, my friend observed Lent each year. I jumped on her Lenten Resolution Train: I gave up at least one thing, and added in at least one thing. My second year, I gave up sweets and swearing. I practiced yoga every day. The swearing turned out to be the hardest part. I’d become prolific in the foul mouthery of two languages. If there were Olympics for swearing, Hungarians would win the gold medal, every time. It wasn’t that I thought I was a bad person for swearing. I love well-placed colorful language. Some of my best friends are swear words! But I’d gotten lazy with my speaking. Watching a part of my speech made me more aware of my words.

I’m currently pretty curbed in the swearing department (thanks a lot, fruit of my loins). But my Facebookery. Oy. I’ll finish the rest of this dreadful winter with less of it. Wish me luck! Cheers!

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Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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