The Next 25 Of 100 Things

This is the section of the list that slowed me down a bit, but hitting the halfway mark was invigorating.

50. I showered every day but one when I was on maternity leave.

49. Baking results are hit or miss with me. But I like that it involves directions.

48. The biggest shit fit I remember throwing as an older child was when I placed 2nd in a piano competition.

47. My hair doesn’t take color well.

48. Armadillos bring me unmitigated joy. My husband had an original armadillo drawing professionally framed for me. (P.S. Please do not buy me any more armadillos. More armadillos will likely be dismissed. See the next point.)

47. I love vetting my possessions.

46. I wrote one song as an adult for a band that never happened.

45. If I had been born a boy, I would have been named “Marc.” Without knowing this, Mark was the name of my childhood imaginary friend.

44. The first time I saw people playing capoeira, I wept.

45. I cry at dance performances.

44. I cry when Owen Meany dies.

43. Some day a perfect gnome will appear in my yard (fingers crossed!)

42. I fell off a tire swing and bit through my tongue.

41. Finding good whatnot at second-hand stores gives me a rush.

40. My high school was just as surprised as you to learn that I became captain of the Pom team.

39. I wrote a fan letter to David Hasselhoff, and received a (form) letter back from him. I cherished it, and had the letter until senior year of college (see #47).

38. Chicken pox dampened a childhood trip to California. Which probably means I was patient zero on the plane. You’re welcome.

37. I have forgotten most of my Hungarian, and even more of my French.

36. I generally start packing for a trip weeks in advance. I already have some things set aside for a May vacation.

35. I know my audience. Sometimes I chose to ignore The Knowing.

34. Toilet paper hangs over the front.

33. I slept so soundly as a kid that hotel security once had to hack through a door latch to get my parents into our hotel room. I heard nothing: no knocking, no calling my name through the crack, no phone calls, no drill sounds.

32. I also slept through an earthquake.

31. My child sleeps through nothing.

30. I haven’t slept through many nights since 2010.

29. I used to try to eat Chips Ahoy! cookies one chocolate chip at a time.

28. I have less make up, and fewer pairs of shoes than nearly every woman I know.

27. When I wear my favorite pair of shoes, I often get compliments from African-American women I do not know.

26. I like a good pair of gastrocnemius muscles.

See the final 25 Things.

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Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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4 Responses to The Next 25 Of 100 Things

  1. Kitty says:

    50 – wow!!!
    28 – oh yeah? wanna compare? 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    45. Me too. I start choking up before the lights go down.
    44. John Irving was one of my best friends this winter. Owen Meany is a favorite.
    42. I’m still jealous about that popsicle. And all that gleaking too.

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