The Final 25 Of 100 Things

I did really well in one sitting until I got to the final 25 things. Then I had to take a breath, and complete the list in bed on a Sunday afternoon.

25. I find most standing ovations uncalled for.

24. This will be our first spring and summer in our first home.

23. Pan flutes. No.

22. I’ve never attended someone’s birth or death, but I would be good in both circumstances.

21. My grandfather was born in the 1800s.

20. I peed blue in Italy.

19. My favorite past-time is being the kind of customer or client that receives compliments for being an awesome customer or client.

18. I do not have a favorite color, movie, book, music genre, etc.

17. A kid I dressed up as Santa and took caroling went on to become a minor league baseball player. The girl I dressed as an elf is a physician. Obviously, both careers were my influence.

16. If I misplace something, it’s probable I will fly into a rage if I can not locate the item within two minutes. [Edit: Probably more like 90 seconds.]

15. If I had a tattoo, it would be some variation of a triskelion.

14. Neither of my parents, and none of my grandparents have brown eyes. But I do.

13. The first time I realized I like making people laugh, I was dressed as a bald baby clown.

12. I have read in, sung in, helped organize, and/or stood up in 12 weddings.

11. I found my wedding dress in one afternoon, with no preparation, and one very talented girl friend.

10. I like the smell of used book stores, honeysuckle, cooked brown rice, sour kraut, and cut lumber.

9. Despite not having favorites, my favorite post by one of my favorite bloggers is about a party ruined by dental surgery.

8. Someone just explained to me that I don’t live life seeing the grass as always greener.

7. My biggest ambition for our home is to put in a water garden.

6. I do not enjoy wearing shorts.

5. My husband and I are different kinds of leaders. Thankfully. I mean, could you imagine two of me?

4. I’ve never had a nickname, but a select few people have called me by my first and middle names. [Shameful redaction: I *do* have a nickname. Only three people have ever used it. I reference it regularly, and now owe an entire blog post about it to my nicknamers.]

3. I was the last person in third grade to pass the multiplication flash card quiz.

2. Some Sundays I just get back in bed for hours.

1. I enjoy writing thank you notes.

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4 Responses to The Final 25 Of 100 Things

  1. Mom says:

    Referencing # 4: You also wanted to be called “Lana” for awhile, and/or AJ.

  2. Mom says:

    I NEVER said, “Hell, no.” At least not to you as a child. And if you wanted your friends to call you those names, which you did, you had to pursue it. How do you think I was/am called Amy? Grandma and Grandpa didn’t start it. I just wouldn’t call you Lana or AJ.

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