Happy Spring

Her: Something fell down the chimney, but I didn’t want to deal with it during dinner time alone with The Child.

Him: What do you mean? What’s the sound of something falling down the chimney?

Her: You know when you’re in the other room, and you drop something and I yell, “You okay in there?” It’s because I have used my ears and my brain to determine a sound came from the other room. It was like that. Except from the chimney.

Him: Eh. It’s probably just the ghost.

Her: [Stare.]

Him: Or a brick. Probably just a brick.

I’m thinkin there’s a dead animal in our fireplace right now. I’m not gonna be the one to open it.

Happy spring!

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One Response to Happy Spring

  1. Mom says:

    At least it is not a skunk. You would know that right away.

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