Goodbye, Tree

We put the percentage down on our house that we did for one reason: To be able to remove a beautiful maple tree. I love trees. Earth loves trees. They’re a huge help with the problem of urban run-off (which is the #1 water problem in our Great Lakes state). This tree, however, never should have been allowed to grow. It was eating the garage, and had pushed its foundation around. It had to go.

You know who was even happier to see the tree taken out? Our neighbors! No more raking those maple leaves. And more sun for their so. very. enormous. vegetable garden. They couldn’t wait to say goodbye, and thank goodness–because we needed access to their yard to take care of it.

The day four guys from the tree removal service came, we set up camp in the neighbors yard with The Child, and one of the neighbors’ grandsons.

Here is the beautiful enemy, with our neighbors’ fencing removed:

Big Maple

And a closer shot of her:

Maple v. Garage

Watching this operation was thrilling. We had lots of snacks, loads of fun, and took tons of pics. Check out this little photo album from the day.

I said to one of the four men working, “This is art! This is a dance. Don’t you think it’s amazing?”

His response?

“We’ve done this before.”

What he was thinking is that I’m a crazy loon. But he was really nice about it.

The biggest bonus of the 9-hour day happened because of my loony nature. As the guys were putting the fence back up, the boss asked me, “Anything else you need?”

Of course I blurted out, “Yes! Take my hot tub!”

I’m such a weirdo. I know.

But you know what? Turns out, he does want our hot tub. He tried offering me some money for it. But that’s just nonsense. My wish since before we moved into this house is that someone would magically appear and take away our hot tub.

How awesome will it be if he comes with a flatbed, and just lifts it up with a crane truck to take it away?

That will be some blog post!


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3 Responses to Goodbye, Tree

  1. Peg says:

    Hi Alana. I’m your mom’s friend. We had a huge box elder taken out 2 years ago. What an event. They did it all with ropes. We also sat outside for 2 days to watch this circus act. He left me logs to use for seating or to elevate flower pots. That made my summer. Bye, Peg

    • alanajoyski says:

      Oh, the ropes act is amazing to watch! And makes me so nervous. 🙂 The only bummer about this event, is that we had a miscommunication about leaving behind logs (for friends who heat by wood, and maybe a few for flower pots–nice idea). Thanks for reading & commenting. So much fun, this Internetting, eh?

  2. Laureen says:

    What a wonderful picture documentary of good bye tree! Declan looks so engrossed, what a fun day! Joys of being a homeowner!!!!

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