Goodbye, Hot Tub

Pretty much the coolest thing to ever happen to any hot tub happened at our house. The Child and I were out of town. And on a Sunday morning, I received from the Swedelock this video of a flying hot tub.

A hot tub. Flying. Over our house.

I’d offered said tub to the guy who runs a tree removal service. (Read about that offer.) Some days later, he brought his kids, a crane truck, a few boards, and a magic wand.

The Swedelock made sure to send off the truck with ceremony. Check out this other video of the heartfelt goodbye.

I look forward to putting the money we save on our energy bill into trapping the gopher living underneath our porch.

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4 Responses to Goodbye, Hot Tub

  1. Catherine says:

    That is so awesome. (As the mother of a hip 10 year-old, I realize I’m dating myself with this terminology.) Too bad D. couldn’t witness it first-hand. And what a sweet send-off. I almost cried.

    • alanajoyski says:

      Ha. The Child’s mind was pretty blown when we returned home to a hole where once there had been a hot tub. It involved a little dance and everything.


  2. Kitty says:

    Did you ever actually use the hot tub?

    • alanajoyski says:

      Yep. But we knew we wouldn’t use it enough to make it worth it. It’s was especially nice for Grandma and Grandpa Swedelock, because they are BIG hot tub fans. And, sad twist, just two weeks before we found a new owner, cautious child decided he wanted to go in. So we had a couple really nice all-family dips (no jets, temp wayyyy down). Time to get a pool membership!


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