Getting To Know Me

This month, my online group of moms is doing a daily prompt. This is an effort to get to know one another better, beyond our role as parent. I thought I’d occasionally post my own responses to the prompts here. I put thought into them, but don’t angst over it. And I’ve had limited time and motivation to blog lately, so I thought it would be a nice way to reach out more.

Today’s prompt: Of what are you the most proud?

Now, I have a tough time with “mosts” and “favorites.” For example, choosing a favorite color as a kid stressed me out. I always felt badly for poor brown or tan.

As I thought about the question, I realized most things I just feel grateful for, or lucky to have. I’m proud of my compassionate nature. But I don’t realllly have to work harrrrrd on that. Sure, sometimes I do. Like when I’m supposed to love my enemy. But I’m halfway there, naturally.

So I responded:

I’m most proud when I manage to get over myself. The hard work of recognizing my ego, or admitting I’m wrong, or that have acted unkindly.

Believe me, I’m much more successful at the above in professional settings than personal.

What about you? Of what are you most proud?

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