The Swedelock and I met in a dog park. I think about those old dogs a lot. Especially because it’s October. We lost our sweet, fluffy Zsuzsa 6 years ago, suddenly, at Halloween time. Our loyal Duke nearly died of heartbreak (collapsed lungs) in the months after that. But we got to pet his big head for a few more years. He left us the day after we brought The Child home from the hospital.

I miss my autumn strolls with these two. I miss their barks. I miss how they were like an old married couple–never really talking, but always in the same room. Maybe some day we’ll find another pair just like them.

smokies 004

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1 Response to Pets

  1. Donna Lafferty says:

    We have a pair of sweet, older dogs too. Honey and Cash. They’re both nine, and though we got them at different times, they are best buddies. Old dogs are the best. So mellow, so happy to see you. Sorry yours are no longer with you. ❤

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