Five Things For My Dream Home

Today’s prompt in my mom’s group was a wish list of home dreams where money is no object. This one is tough for me because I already feel so dreamy about our current home. And also because I’m so practical. When making the mental list, I was all: What would improve our chances of resale?

I may be the least dreamy dreamer, after reading the awesome ideas of my fellow moms.

Here is the list I made, pre-coffee, and I still wouldn’t say “no” to any of them:

1. A Master Gardner’s service to turn our yard into a magical place, filled with native plants. We would, of course, look out over our back yard from a beautiful deck made from 100% recycled materials.

2. Beautiful master bathroom overhaul.

3. Replace our dying here-when-we-moved-in professional Viking range with a Wolf range.

4. Exterior guest suite, attached to the house with heated walkway (because Michigan winter), including private bath.

5. These tiles on my kitchen wall. (Oh wait! That one is gonna happen.)


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4 Responses to Five Things For My Dream Home

  1. Catherine says:

    Here’s mine:
    1. More than one bathroom.
    2. Kitchen counters and storage!
    3. Fix all the shit that’s broke.
    4. Resurfaced driveway for easy shoveling or better yet, get rid of it and the garage and make a giant urban garden that is tended by fairies who also enjoy cooking delicious dinners with all of the fresh produce when we are too tired or busy.
    5. A top secret room that only I know about where I can go to be alone when needed.

  2. Kristy Tucker says:

    If I have to keep this home, the home I’ve lived in for 36 years and was here for 30 before that-

    1. Ceiling cracks and all other cracks repaired
    2. New floors throughout
    3. New paint/wall coverings throughout
    4. New furniture throughout
    5. A beautifully landscaped yard that will be kept up until I die.

    The likelihood of ANY of those happening in my life time are about less than 1%.

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