Santa Needs

Last week the Swedelock was trying to get The Child to tell us what he wanted from Santa. It’s a new concept to this almost-four-year-old. But Santa was kicking Daddy under the table because he already got the damn elves to make The Child’s present.

Then today I was close enough to hear our offspring wake up from his nap. Out of his mouth fell five minutes of:

“Each day that Santa comes is really far away from now. Maybe I’ll get some toy trains. But not for a while. And that’s okay. Santa comes in his sleigh. I don’t know where he’s gonna end up. Ya, but, maybe it’ll be a Lego train on a train track. I want three trains and lots of bridge pieces. So it’ll be the longest bridge ever. Or maybe some cars in my stocking.”

Who the hell told the kid about stockings? And how did he know there will be three tiny matchbox cars in it?

This will be the first year that we buy The Child a Santa present. I don’t think we have actually given him any gifts ourselves, either. I gotta say, I’m pretty excited to see what happens when he busts into the presents “really far away from now.”

I’m also pretty excited that we scored some Goodwill train stuff for his January birthday. I ain’t giving Santa credit for that one.

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2 Responses to Santa Needs

  1. Fran says:

    It all sounds lovely. How great you’re still able to keep one step or two ahead of The Child.

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