The traditional gift for this anniversary is iron. Because I am romantic, I asked that we get a working garage door opener as a gift to ourselves. That has iron, right? Clearly I am a marriage expert after six years of participating in the institution.

I’ve been particularly in love with my husband this month. And it’s not just the garage features. He’s the best. I don’t mean to brag, but congratulations are in order. Because I was brilliant to snag him. Our good times are pretty funny. Our irritated times are okay–because it usually turns into a funny story later. He’s great to me when I’m sick, and I’m working on the reverse. We’re relatively cool when healthy, too. As a bonus, we manage to survive with a kid who doesn’t like sleeping through the night.

The kid thing is no joke. A brilliant friend* recently said to a brand new mom: “Babies are marriage napalm.” A baby or new child is not required to incinerate one’s marriage. But it sure does help! Add in moving to a new state for the Swedelock’s new job. Then having me become The Mother and House Frau. And moving three times within a year. And buying our first house. Sprinkle this change with a house that has been…extra special.

The end result of this chaos? I openly love my husband.

Happy anniversary, my love. May I one day be Megan Mullally enough for your Nick Offerman.

*Brilliant friend asked to be credited as Boobs McTalkerson. She’s already Megan Mullally.

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2 Responses to Iron-versary

  1. Ron says:

    Congratulations and happy holidays 🙂

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