Birthday Fairy Fun

As in our inaugural year, some days with the birthday fairy are winners, some not so much.

Here are a few pictures (just cell phone quality, or I’d never get around to posting) of our adventures so far.

The birthday fairy tried to teach a little about being a good host. At our New Year’s Day open house, The Child was to help us welcome all guests. The welcoming duties were lax in the afternoon. But I think he got the general idea.

Bday fairy pic

Making guests feel welcomed

The day after our party, the birthday fairy said thanks for being such a great host. We took a family trip to our botanical gardens.

I’ve seen some people use public outings and The Kindness Elf to say, “Smile at everyone you meet today.” That doesn’t groove with our family. Firstly, The Child was born Skeptical Baby. Telling him he needs to smile at strangers just ain’t gonna fly. Secondly, strangers tell me–because I’m a young woman–to smile too often. The birthday fairy wasn’t quite ready to bring a lesson on feminism and women in public spaces.

Bday fairy pic

We didn’t have to twist his arm to go see the model train display.

Yesterday we did something we’d do this week anyway: write thank you notes. The Child’s first comment?

“But there are no treats!”

Apparently Mr. Fairy is good at remembering to throw out a jelly bean with each morning’s note. Mrs. Fairy thinks that looks like fairy poop.

Back to the thank you cards. The Child may be reading words, but heck if he’s interested in writing his name (or any other letters) when prompted. This activity turned into interacting with our gifts and shouting, “Thank you, [name of gift-giver]!” He did make it through three cards before gratitude time was over.

Bday fairy pic

Get gratitude, son!

I like this tradition the more we participate. It’s a boost to the post-new-year’s blues. And we like connecting kindness to birthday celebrations. There’s no time like a birthday to express gratitude for another trip around the sun.

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4 Responses to Birthday Fairy Fun

  1. Laureen says:

    Sounds like great fun! Never to soon to instill good manners and gratefulness for the people in our lives and thanking them! Good job Mr.@Mrs. Fairy!!!!😄😄😄😄

  2. Melle says:

    I am just seeing this blog. I know it’s old news. 😉

    I start with a new family in a few weeks. An 18mo and a fresh, squishy newborn. This is genuis. I’m definitely stealing this as a fun way to work with the 18mo. Sassy Monkey for sure have loved this game.

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