The Rainbow Connection

I sing “The Rainbow Connection” every day. You know: banjo, Kermit the frog. For a while I was singing it twice at nap time, and twice at bed time. I’m no mathematician, but I estimate that I’ve sung the song 476 billion times in the last year.

During some renditions, I imagine I’m a Broadway star, not only dedicated to my art, but thrilled to have a regular paying gig. I mean, after this show is over, I’ll have to go back to auditioning for jobs.

Sometimes when I’m singing, I get wistful about Jim Henson, and I feel grateful to have his voice in my head, keeping me company while I introduce the muppets to the next generation.

Other days, I wonder how Elton John still flipping sings “Candle In The Wind” without wanting to flip his piano off the stage.

In the glory day, we had an approved six-song rotation. All typical children’s songs were given the thumbs down. The kid has always had something against itsy spiders and twinkling stars. Fortunately, some folk tunes were up to snuff. The Beatles were encouraged.

Then one day, The Child woke up, and only one song would do. Substitutions were intolerable. Suggestions to branch out were summarily dismissed. Eventually, he started heading us off at the pass.

“What if we sing the song about…”

“No. The rainbow song.”

Today at nap time, we read a Richard Scarry selection about trees being processed into lumber. It seemed natural to follow it up with an old rock song about lighting a woman’s apartment on fire.

As if my suggestion were an entirely new concept, I casually tossed out, “What about Norwegian Wood? We could sing that. We just read about wood.”

The Child said, “Okay.”

Here’s me in my head.


But you gotta play it cool. You can’t throw a parade. It gives children too much power. They already have all the song power, clearly.

So here’s my words.


Then here’s what I sang:


The Child was watching my face work so hard to remember lyrics while my mouth was still moving. Here’s his thoughts:


But because he doesn’t know one of those words yet, he said:


The Swedelock may be happy to learn he is both the preferred rock musician in the family AND that he might be able to ditch the rainbow.

Today was still a win in my book. I managed to stumble through an acceptable version of King Of The Road. I hope I’ll be asked back for another audition.

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2 Responses to The Rainbow Connection

  1. Donna Lafferty says:

    Awesome illustrations for an awesome story. Can you please sing “Rainbow Connection” for me now?

  2. alanajoyski says:

    LULz. Maybe Daddy can sing it for you.

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