Walking Together #LoveWins

When my cousin and his partner announced the date of their civil partnership ceremony, they asked if I’d be willing to read something for them. Something of my choosing. I wrote a poem for them, and read it, trembling with love.

I haven’t seen the poem since reading it in London, nine years ago. And I had no idea that today…today I would go looking for it. I didn’t know what was possible then, in England, would become possible here, today.

We still have a long way to walk. But today we celebrate.

Because You Walk Together
for B&G
July 8, 2006

You walk through life with humor, grace. Walk around town. Walk in the countryside. Visit other countries and hike their hills.

It is no accident that you walk together


rainy days

fair days

damp days

glorious days

sometimes slowly often quickly
with laughter, tears—or both

I thumbed through my poetry anthologies
scoured the Internet
phoned former English teachers

I found
“The Golf Walk”
“The Devil’s Walk”
“Noon Walk on the Asylum Lawn”

Nowhere could I find a poem for you

How could one write about the journey of two men
when their love of life, of one another
could never fit into a finite number of lines?

Many of the photos you’ve sent me
capture you on some day hike
sun baking you into the trail

You stop to stand together
defy the wind trying to blow you into the sea below

Take a photo

How many steps did you take to find one another?

you take a moment to stand together

find stillness

This union, this stillness,
fully mixed with spirit.

This union, a moon in a pale blue sky.

This union, beauty. This union,
a sign for us to study.

Because you walk together
we learn from you

Because you stand together
we are all
better people

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2 Responses to Walking Together #LoveWins

  1. Mom/Grammy says:

    Beautiful in 2006. Still beautiful in 2015. Love you and love B & G.

  2. Brian says:

    We cherished your words at the time. We find them even more amazing now. Thank you.
    B&G xx
    Still walking…

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