Two People Gone

On Monday morning I got a message that someone I knew growing up had killed himself. Yesterday morning I woke up to news that a friend’s friend, and presence in my online momma group, had done the same.

One was a supremely gifted artist, the other was–and I quote–a fucking super hero. Both of them had violently interrupted childhoods.

I wish them peace. Nothing but peace.

Sometimes you see the struggle, sometimes it is nearly invisible. People say you’re never alone. It’s true. But depression lies. It can make it impossible to feel that you’re connected. There is always someone. Make a call. You don’t even have to want to. Here’s one number: 1-800-273-8255. It’s the suicide prevention hotline.

You are loved. You matter.


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2 Responses to Two People Gone

  1. Nettie says:

    SPS (Suicide Prevention Services) also meets/talks to family and friends of those who have survived a suicide attempt or have died by suicide. Headquarters are in Batavia, Il.

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