Preschooler Politics

I was on a step ladder, re-packing our storage closet, and I asked The Child for some help.

“Hey, sweet pea! Can you come hand that backpack to me?”

“Momma, I have to do the train thing now.”

“Can you please come quick and hand me that backpack, and then play the train thing?”

“I don’t want to help you right now.”

“Hm. Well, what would happen if I didn’t help you when you asked for it?”

“Oh, well, then I’d do it myself.”

“You weren’t such a Libertarian five minutes ago when you were hollering for me to wipe your butt.”

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Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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2 Responses to Preschooler Politics

  1. Mom/Grammy says:

    I want to know if thr backpack ever found its way into the closet.

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