The past week The Child hit up whatever he wanted to do with his friends. Last week of summer! Children’s museum. Trampoline park and shakes. Catch Air (and indoor play area), twice. We had around 15 families from play group over to scream and play. We got passes from a friend to visit a premium sports complex, and had a spectacular indoor & outdoor pools-splash pad-water slide-sandy play ground. For some reason, we were the only children there for hours.

These are many of The Child’s favorite things. On the day before of his first day of school, I wanted to write a list of some of my favorite things about my kindergartener.

  1. He points to things with his middle finger. Especially when counting.
  2. He skips “thirteen” when counting.
  3. He has a sense of time, days of the week, how long a month is. But his time-related phrases often sound like the poetry of an EFL speaker. “We have never eaten bacon for a long time.” “Remember some days from now when you said we could play with trains?” 
  4. His literal mind is learning to be silly.
  5. He likes shutting himself up in tiny boxes.
  6. When he wants to do something, often he will pitch it to us: “Oh, I have an idea! What do you thiiiink abouuuut mayyyybe having TWO COOKIES FOR DESSERT?!”
  7. This summer he could not get enough of our one box garden and herb pots. The Swedelock and he planted sunflowers that grew to be so large not even Dr. Suess could have imagined them.
  8. Crafts or writing endeavors take him eleventy hours.
  9. His favorite colors are, in order they appeared in his life: orange, pink, purple, and his “favorite color [shade] of blue.”
  10. He is a kind and gentle person.

All these favorite things pile up in my heart. There are tons more, and tons more to come. Now let’s go for a bike ride, then get ready to go to the gardens, and rock.

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