Can You Hear Me?

Last weekend I finished day 87,000 (okay, 15) of antibiotics. Everyone in the house got a head cold, but my body got funky. So creative and dramatic it required a second round of antibiotics.

Some time at the beginning of the month I lost my voice completely. It’s a thing that happens to me. I took the silence as an opportunity to internally chastise myself for not speaking up on my blog for years. I took the rest of the month to think about it some more. And now I’m asking:

Can ya hear me?

School is out next week. I have my voice back and I mostly use it to shriek into the void of unpreparedness. Buckle up, cuz I’m back and yelling.

About alanajoyski

Project manager, problem solver, chips fan.
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2 Responses to Can You Hear Me?

  1. Kate says:

    Happy to hear ya!

  2. Sarah Tracy says:


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