Snippets From Day One

Captain’s log, Day One of Summer 2019

“You should have told me to bring a snack.”

“Let’s have a spa day.”

“I’m really hungry!”

“When our dad died we lived at a different address.” (This from another child, from the back seat, where all great communication happens.)

I anticipate every other day this summer will be a similar mix of mundane, with sometimes really hard things.

We have a child who does well with structure. My deepest belief is that parenting is in large part marketing, so this is the general structure of our week. I dusted off this scrap of paper from kindergarten summer to help:

A friend pointed out that under Friday “smiling during chores” is laughable — a good edit. Now that The Child is 8, “finished” rather than “happy about it” is our chore goal.

Looking forward to sneaking in a few more snippets this summer. I hope to be happy about most of them.

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1 Response to Snippets From Day One

  1. Amy/Mom says:

    Profound, but such is life. Learn from the moments and cherish them all.

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